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Mongoose in Hindu Religion

Mongoose in Hindu religion is mainly associated with Kubera – the treasurer of wealth in Hinduism. It is shown as sitting on his lap. There is also a belief that Mongoose spits gem stones and jewels. The animal is associated with Kubera because of its ability to fight and kill snakes.

In many stories, Snakes are guardians of treasure, precious stones and jewels. To frighten the snake and take the wealth Mongoose is used.
Again in many stories some type of snakes are known to have diamond fixed on their hood (Nag Mani) - perhaps to get the diamond one needs the help of a mongoose.
There is also an interesting episode involving Yudhishtira and a Mongoose mentioned in the Mahabharata:
After the Rajasooya Yajna, in which all great Saints of Bharat participated, King Yudhishtira was surprised to see a mongoose whose half body was normal and half was golden. That mongoose was rolling over and over on the earth where great Saint sat and kept their feet. As thousands of great Saints had att…

Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park – Zoo at Tirupati

Koorma Nivas, Karthikeya Vanam, Mareecha Vanam, Gokulam, Chitrakooda Vanam…these are not names of places in Puranas but spots inside the SriVenkateswaraZoologicalPark. The Zoo at Tirupati has numerous sections that are named after Gods, places and important incidents in epics and Puranas. Thus in Koorma Nivas named after the Kurma Avatar of Vishnu you can see Turtles and Tortoises. In Karthikeya Vanam named after Muruga you can see Peacocks; in Mareecha Vanam named after demon in Ramayana you can see deers.
SriVenkateswaraZoologicalPark has got an official website with all important details including a virtual tour, contact information, details or flora, fauna and animals etc.
You can visit the official website of Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park here.