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Shiva Temples in Punjab in India Practice Water Conservation

One of the important offerings in ShivaTemple is water. Devotees offer water to bathe the Shivling. With ground water levels in Punjab in India fast depleting some Shiva temples have resorted to diverting the water offered to Shivling to underground.
Times of Indiareports  If in two cases head priests of temples have prepared water recharging wells to return water being offered on Shivlings to the underground water table, another priest has made a slight shift in the ritual to save water.  Interestingly, a politician played a vital role in prevailing upon religious personalities to make these environment- friendly changes at shrines and in rituals also. "Every devotee offers water on the Shivling and once BJP Rajya Sabha member Avinash Rai Khanna suggested that this water should not go waste and should be recharged. We then made a water harvesting system connected to the Shivling so that after filtration water flows back into the earth," said Swami Bhagwan Dass, who establis…

Words of Wisdom – Muktananda

As a mantra is repeated it first purifies the outer body and then the subtle body.
The love that pulses in the cave of the heart does not depend on anything outside. It is completely independent…
Many religions claim that theirs is the only path to the Truth…But God never made an agreement with any of these religions. All religions are of fairly recent origin, but God has existed since the beginning of time. He could not have signed a contract with any religious founder saying, ‘You are my exclusive salesman…”
Bigotry cannot please God, because He is never captivated by any ritual or any particular method of sadhana. It is only out of compassion that He reveals Himself to devotees when He is pleased by their selfless love.