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Goddess Gnanambika – About Hindu Goddess Jnanambika

Goddess Gnanambika is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. It is believed that Goddess Jnanambika along with Shiva helps a devotee in attaining wisdom necessary to overcome illusion and rest constantly on the Supreme Truth. The form of Goddess Gnanambika is mostly widely worshiped in South India especially in temples dedicated to Shiva in Tamil Nadu.
As the Goddess is associated with knowledge there are also many people who equate Goddess Jnanambika with Goddess Saraswati.
In most of the temples, Goddess Gnanambika is worshiped along with Shiva.
The divine couple shows the importance of family life and the glory of Grihastashrama.

Teachings from Nitidvisastika of Bhartrhari

The life of such a person alone is fruitful, who, while living, makes a multitude of people also live their lives.
Friendship with the good increase day by day as the sap of the sugarcane increases from top, joint to joint.
A wicked person put on three different colors like a chameleon. At first acts like a relative, next as a friend, and at the end turns out to be an enemy.
The wealth of a man who neither gives it away in charity nor enjoys it himself, does not actually belong to him, is like a scarecrow that protects the crop only for the sake of others.