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Dnyaneshwari Teachings on the Real Devotee

Those seekers who worship Me with whatever rituals and have surrendered
themselves to Me, attain Me. Arjuna, no other method will make a seeker attain Me unless he totally surrenders to Me. (9:366-367).
He who claims to know Me does not really know Me. He who boasts about his achievements is imperfect and immature. Similarly the Yajnas, penance and other rituals which people perform and boast about are not even worth a blade of grass for attaining Me. Vedas stumble while describing My nature and describe Me as "Not this and not that" making Sanaka and other sages confused about Me. (9:370-371).
One can attain Me only when he gives up all thoughts about how great and scholarly he is and becomes humble. (9:378).  
Therefore one must give up the love of the material body, consciousness about his qualities and pride about his possessions and surrender himself completely to Me.
Then, when with boundless love the devotee offers Me a fruit from a tree I anxiously spread My palms…