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Story of Ganesha as Vakratunda and Matsaryasura

Vakratunda is one among the numerous names of Ganesha and it means ‘one with a twisted trunk.’ As per Mudgala Purana, Ganesh took the form of Vakratunda to annihilate demon Matsaryasura. The demon symbolically represents envy, jealousy and rivalry.

Demon Matsaryasura was born out of the envy, jealousy and rivalry in the mind of Indra, the king of Devas. The demon then worshipped Shiva and did severe penance. He obtained the boon of fearlessness from Shiva.
Matsaryasura became very powerful and dominated the three worlds.
Fed up with Matsaryasura, devas, saints and people approached Dattatreya. He advised the people to worship Ganesha by chanting the mantra ‘GAM.’
They were able to please Ganesha and he promised to appear as Vakratunda to defeat the demon.
When Vakratunda appeared before Matsaryasura, he was so terrified that all his courage was lost. He immediately surrendered before Ganesha and sought refuge at his feet.
Symbolically Matsaryasura is the jealousy, envy and rivalry i…

When one’s mind becomes pure, then that mind itself becomes the guru – Sri Ramakrishna Teachings

When one’s mind becomes pure, then that mind itself becomes the guru.
Once a sincere devotee set out on a pilgrimage to the temple of Jagannath in Puri. He did not know the way; he went west instead of south. He no doubt strayed from the right path, but he always eagerly asked people the way, and they gave him the right directions, saying, ‘This is not the path; follow that one.’ At last the devotee was able to get to Puri and worship the Deity. So you see, even if you are ignorant, someone will tell you the way if you are earnest.
Whatever one does one must do wholeheartedly in order to enjoy. The Lord looks at a person’s heart and sincerity, and not at the amount of time he puts into his spiritual practice.
As various ornaments having different forms and names, are made out of the same lump of gold, so in different ages and countries, under different names and forms one God is worshipped. However various the fashions of His worship, though some love to call Him father, and others M…