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Gatral Ma – Goddess Gatral Devi

Gatral Ma is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. She is associated with cow. Gatral Devi is mainly worshipped in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Rabaris community worships her. Gatral Mata is the kuldevata (family deity) of certain traditional families.
Gatral Ma protects cows and other domesticated grazing animals. She ushers in peace and prosperity.
In most images Gatral Ma is shown as wearing a red sari. She has four arms. She holds trishul (trident), sword and Sudarshana Chakra. In one had she is seen holding a vessel. This vessel symbolizes prosperity in the form of good yield.
The vehicle associated with Gatral Devi is cow.

Plight of Hindus in Pakistan

Hindus in Pakistan are migrating to India and various countries around the world. Hindus do not feel safe in Pakistan – they are ostracized, tortured, kidnapped for ransom, abducted and are forcibly converted to Islam. Hindu girls are kidnapped and married to Muslim men. Here are various reports on the plight of Hindus in Pakistan:

Mass Exodus of Hindus from Sindh in Pakistan (Hindu Currents)
Several Hindu families from Jacobdabad are migrating to India due to the increasing cases of forced conversions, extortion and kidnapping for ransom faced by the community, said Dr Ramesh Kumar of the Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC).
Pakistandoes treat its Hindus callously (Daily Pioneer Editorial)
Little else explains why the state machinery has largely refused to acknowledge that there is an anti-Hindu campaign at work. This is despite the fact that Hindu businessmen continue to be routinely held to ransom, Hindu shops are looted and Hindu women forcibly married off to Muslim men. Most recently, th…

Reasoning does not disappear as long as one has not attained to perfect knowledge – Holy Mother Sarada Devi

In this Kali Yuga, mental sin is no sin. Free your mind from all worries on that score. You need not be afraid. Practice japa. Through that you will achieve everything.
The aim of life is to realize God and to be absorbed uninterruptedly in his consciousness is the aim.
Reasoning does not disappear as long as one has not attained to perfect knowledge.
Desires are bound to come. We should not keep our desires unfulfilled. By satisfying them, they will fall off slowly in course of time.
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