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Poonool or Poonal – How it should be worn?

Poonool or Poonal is a thread worn by certain Hindus. It is also known as Yajnasoothram or Yajnopaveetham. It is worn across the body – over the left shoulder under the right arm.
The article originally written by Sarma Sastrigal
Poonal-How it is given shape?
We are all aware that the adornment of the Yajnopaveeta or the sacred thread is one of important parts of the Upanayana. It is interesting to see how the yajnopaveeta, the sacred thread, is given shape. The basic material for the yajnopaveeta, also known as poonal in Tamil, is cotton thread woven by persons who are qualified to preach Vedas. Married women including widows are also qualified to do this job. A Brahmin then takes the woven material, sits in a clean place, and spins the thread around his fingers in such a way that each loop is 4”. He makes 96 such loops, folds the total length 3 times and presses the shortened length till it achieves the desired stiffness. Next he makes this into three circular loops. The edges are k…