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Ambarisha Story – Greatness of Ekadasi

King Ambarisha was an ardent devotee of Hindu God Vishnu and performed the Ekadasi fasting without a break. Pleased with his devotion and piety, Vishnu honored him with the ability to control Sudarshana Chakra. The Story of Ambarisha is that of jealous Indra using Durvasa Maharishi to put an end to the Ekadasi fasting of King Ambarisha.

Indra felt threatened by the piety by King Ambarisha. He instigated Durvasa Maharishi against King Ambarisha.
Durvasa arrived at the palace of King Ambarisha when he was about to break his Ekadasi fasting. He was received warmly by the king. Rishi was invited for taking food. The Rishi then went to take bath in the KalandiRiver and for his prayers.
Durvasa deliberately took longer time to spoil the Ekadasi fasting of King Ambarisha. Dwadasi Tithi had started and the king had to break the fast before the tithi got over.
Durvasa was nowhere to be seen.
King Ambarisha then fed poor people and animals. He kept his food and that of Durvasa and waited for …

Using Vedic Knowledge to Predict Natural Disasters, Rain and Climate Change

Astro-meteorologist S Ramachandran claims that it is possible to predict natural disasters, rains, flood and climate change using Vedic astro-meteorology based on ancient texts like Brihad Samhita. The predictions are based on planetary behavior and alignment of planets with star in particular zodiac written down in Vedic scriptures.

 S Ramachandran claims that he had correctly predicted many natural disasters.

Vedic texts explain the inter-planetary relationships and the struggle between their orbiting positions and the effect of their disturbance on sun and earth.

 He is of the view that a competent and unbiased team of vedic scholars and meteorologists working together on his findings will be able to create a efficient warning system in advance regarding rains and floods.
Deccan Chronicle writes
The southwest monsoon was almost a washout with about 50 per cent deficiency in most parts of the country, astro-meteorologist S. Ramachandran said Sunday. “I predicted this November last…