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Watch Sri Ramakrishna’s Birthday Celebration Live Online From Belur Math

Belur Math is providing live streaming of Sri Ramakrishna’s birthday celebrations. You can view live online Sri Ramakrishna’s 175th Birth Anniversary : The Yearlong Celebration’s Concluding Programme and Sri Ramakrishna’s  Birthday Celebration from 22 February to 26 February 2012.

You will need to install windows player plugin to watch the program in your browser. Another option is to Play on standalone Windows Media Player - for this link is provided on the page.
Link - Watch Sri Ramakrishna’s Birthday Celebration Live Online

Annamacharya Varadanthi 2018 date

Annamacharya Varadanthi is the death anniversary of Saint-Poet Annamayya, who composed more than 32,000 devotional songs extolling the glory of Lord Venkateswara, the lord of Seven Hills in Tirumala Tirupati. Annamacharya Varadanthi 2018 date is March 14.

The Varadanthi date is based on traditional Hindu Lunar Calendar. It is observed on the Phalguna Krishna Paksha Dwadasi.

Sri Annamacharya (May 9, 1408 – February 23, 1503) was a saint composer in the fifteenth century and he hailed from the Tallapaka village in Cuddapah District, Andhra Pradesh, India. Annamacharya is one of the earliest popular composers in Telugu.

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Story of Nagapasha or Nagastra

Nagapasha or Nagastra is a powerful arrow capable of huge destruction. The story of the origin of Nagastra is mentioned in the Yuddha Kanda of Kamba Ramayana. Legend has it that Nagapasha was in the beginning a very powerful Snake. Brahma had created Nagapasha to annihilate a demon named Nagasura.

Nagapasha’s main weapon was a sharp piercing cry. On reaching the kingdom of Nagasura, the Snake made a huge cry and this killed many pregnant women, children and old people. Nagasura tried several methods to overpower Nagapasha but his entire army and finally the Nagasura himself was killed by Nagapasha.
Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva gave blessings to Nagapasha for killing the demon. Shiva also made Nagapasha one his ornaments.
Nagapasha once decided to go on a tour of the worlds. Shiva advised him not to visit SalmaliIsland. But the snake did not heed his advice and visited the island. Nagas on this island were regularly attacked by Garuda.
Nagapasha was attacked by Garuda and the snake could…

Pictures of Navagunjara and Arjuna in Orissa Ganjifa Cards

Navagunjara is an animal mentioned in the Oriya Mahabharata written by Sarala Das. It is believed that Vishnu appeared as Navagunjara to impart a very important lesson to Arjuna. The lesson was that human mind is limited but universe is boundless. The story of Navagunjara and Arjuna is a popular theme in the Ganjifa Card painting in Orissa.

Navgunjara had the head of rooster or cock, neck of peacock, hump of a bull, tail of a serpent, leg of elephant, leg of tiger, leg of antelope and hands of human beings.

You can view the Navagunjara and Arjuna Ganjifa cards made in Puri, Orissa, here at the IGNCA website.
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