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Pictures of Navagunjara and Arjuna in Orissa Ganjifa Cards

Navagunjara is an animal mentioned in the Oriya Mahabharata written by Sarala Das. It is believed that Vishnu appeared as Navagunjara to impart a very important lesson to Arjuna. The lesson was that human mind is limited but universe is boundless. The story of Navagunjara and Arjuna is a popular theme in the Ganjifa Card painting in Orissa.

Navgunjara had the head of rooster or cock, neck of peacock, hump of a bull, tail of a serpent, leg of elephant, leg of tiger, leg of antelope and hands of human beings.

You can view the Navagunjara and Arjuna Ganjifa cards made in Puri, Orissa, here at the IGNCA website.