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Attachment to God purifies everything – Mata Amritanandamayi

Discipline helps good thoughts and qualities to develop, which in turn leads to Shraddha or awareness in action. For one who has Shraddha, everything becomes Puja (worship). Nothing will be wasted, everything will be practical.
To control the mind, discipline is needed. We need to meditate, do japa, do seva. Only one who has a strong grounding in the Shastras (scriptures) can survive without this.
What is the use of showing light to a blind person! You have to awaken yourself. Only then will you have that yearning.
Your attachment to Amma or God is like attachment to river Ganga. It will purify everything. Attachment to the world is like being attached to a dirty sewer. It will lead to many diseases.
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Today’s Hindu Calendar – February 21, 2012 – Tithi, Vrat, Nakshatra, Rashi and Festival

Tithi in Hindu Calendar on February 21, 2012 – Amavasya orthe no moon day inHindu calendar and Panchang in all places. It is Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi Tithi till 3:15 AM on February 21, 2012. Then onwards it is Amavasya Tithi. All time based on India Standard Time.

Nakshatra – Dhanishta or Sravishta or Chathayam Nakshatra the full day on February 21, 2012 and till 12:12 AM on February 22.
Rashi or Moon Sign – Makar Rashi till 11:28 AM. Then onwards it is Kumbha Rasi.
Festivals, Vrat and Auspicious days – Amavasya.
Magh Amavasya or the no moon day in Magh month in calendars followed in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.
Phalgun Amavasya or the no moon day in calendars followed in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jammu and Kashmir.
9th day of Maasi Masam in Tamil Calendar followed in Tamil Nadu. 8th day of KumbhaMasam in Malayalam Calendar in Kerala. 8th day of