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Download Anjaneya Ashtothram Text in English in pdf

Anjaneya Ashtothram is a prayer dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman and contains the 108 holy names of Hanuman. The prayer is chanted for attaining strength and prosperity. You can download Anjaneya Ashtothram Text in English in pdf format for from the below link. Link - Anjaneya Ashtothram in English Benefits Of Chanting Anjaneya Ashtothram Daily Chanting Anjaneya Ashtothram daily, which is the 108 names of Lord Hanuman, can offer several benefits, both spiritually and mentally. Here are some potential benefits: Devotion and Connection: Regular chanting can deepen your devotion to Lord Hanuman and foster a stronger spiritual connection with him. Protection and Strength: Hanuman is revered for his protection and strength. Chanting his names daily may invoke his blessings for protection against negative influences and to develop inner strength. Removal of Obstacles: Hanuman is known as the remover of obstacles. Chanting his names can help in overcoming hurdles and challenges in life, wh