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Shiva Dancing on Nandi

Shiva dancing on Nandi, the bull, is a popular image in North India. But this concept is not followed in South India. It is believed that Shiva first gave the lessons of dancing to his most favorite disciple, Nandi. There are also images of Shiva dancing ecstatically with Nandi.
Shiva is practically lost in his dance and Nandi beats the drum.
Tandu is a name associated with Nandi as he has the fortune to dance with Shiva.
When Shiva dances in the Nataraja form, Nandi is a mere spectator and this is the most popular concept followed.
Shiva dancing and Nandi beating the drum is mentioned in the Bengali translation of the Malatimadhava.

Interview with Aruna Sharan – the author of book – Sons of Gods – The Mahabharata Retold

Sons of Gods – The Mahabharata Retold by Aruna Sharan is a condensation of the epic Mahabharata. Below is an interview with Aruna Sharan – to understand what new she offers to the reader through the book, the language, the women characters etc.

To those who have already read the Mahabharata or know the story, what new aspects does your book offer?  Every writer who attempts a condensation of the Mahabharata will have a certain vision of which elements of the vast epic are essential, which less essential. Thus each condensation is unique in itself, since each one moulds together a different set of story elements. In my case, I was motivated to achieve three goals: first: it should essentially be a whole, rounded story similar in structure and style to a modern novel: that is, to bring the central story to life through the characters and dialogue while omitting almost all of the hundreds of “side-plots”, and avoiding the sermonising which, to my mind, detracts from the story i…

Searching one’s own imperfections and making attempts to rid of them is the important spiritual practice – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

When the mind is motionless and silent, one can hear the voice of God. Anyone who is able to purify the mind from anxiety, agitations, and thoughts can attune themselves to the voice of God inside.
The main enemies of man, leading to accumulation of negative karma, are the wrongly directed mind and the uncontrollable emotional sphere with dominating egotistic or coarse emotions.
Man can overcome the obstacles of ego and anger by strengthening faith, by directing the mind toward Divinity, and by using spiritual practices, which, first of all, normalize the emotional sphere and help to learn how to control the mind and consciousness.
The most important spiritual practice is the search of one’s own imperfections and weaknesses, and making attempts on ridding oneself of them, becoming closer to the Perfection.
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Source – book titled – Sathya Sai Baba – the Christ of our Days.