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Santan Kameshwari Mantra

Santan Kameshwari Mantra is part of Shakti Upasana practiced by certain Hindu communities. It is believed that chanting this mantra is meritorious for those women who are unable to become mother. The practitioners of this mantra believe that through propitiating Goddess Shakti, women will become pregnant and beget healthy children.
The Dhyan mantra is Bhaje kameshwari devi shivake roopsannibham Vratanushtan matrene aashu santan vardinim
The mantra that is to be chanted
Aum kleem aim hreem Shreem namo bhagavati santankameshwari Garbhavirodh Nirasya nirasya samyak sheekr santanmupadyyopadya swaha Shri kameshwari yee aparnamastu
Below is the mantra in Hindi

Astronomical Importance of Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple

GaviGangadhareshwaraTemple, located near Bangalore in Karnataka, is a famous cave temple dedicated to Shiva and annually during Makar Sankranti, the sun's rays pass through a window and touch the Shivalinga murti worshipped in the temple.  S.K. Aruni writes on the astronomical significance of the Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple in the Hindu  This temple was formed by the natural boulders of hillocks and faces the south-west direction. The courtyard is wide and has large-sized monolithic sculptures placed in certain alignments. Shiva's symbols, the Trishula and the Damaru, are placed on the southern edge of the courtyard.  There are two large circular discs placed parallel to each other known as Suryapana and Chandrapana, with a diameter of 2 m each. Since these are circular and face the east and west, they are identified as symbols of the sun and the moon. It is believed that such discs are not found in any other temple in Karnataka or south India.  According to scientists, the su…