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Inspirational Teachings – Swami Chidananda

In spite of, because of, all the deficiencies and imperfections of the human mind and knowing how it is subject to various moods, some positive, some negative, you must take a stand that these things do not affect you. These things do not rob you of the greatest ever chance given to the individual to rise up and ascend back into its universal abode of perfection, fearlessness, freedom and absolute completeness.

The scriptures also tell us the type of person we should be. They say that people in the least category have no stuff in them.
Even before launching into an undertaking they begin to think of all the obstacles and conclude that it is too much for them.
People of the middling type undertake a project, but when some obstacles come in the way, they give up.
But people of real stuff, who know that they are made in the image of an omnipotent God, once they have undertaken some venture—even if they are repeatedly assailed by obstacles and adverse circumstances—never turn back.