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Importance of Chandra in Birth Chart or Horoscope

Navgraha Chandra or moon is reflection of Sun and its position is of great importance in birth chart or horoscope. It is considered as the queen of the Navgrahas and it rules the mind. The moon creates generous and charitable persons. Moon also influences our moods. Chandra governs chest, eyes (right eyes for ladies and left eye for men), throat, voice, veins, and kidneys.
Chandra is considered maternal which governs relationship with our mother, their health and maternal relatives. Chandra also has influence on intelligence, fixed assets, maturity, emotions, wealth, travels, fame and name, looks, governmental favors, respect and sleep. Poets and authors also enjoy the moon’s grace
If Chandra not well placed in one’s birth chart the person will suffer from lung diseases such as colds, sinuses, asthma, tuberculosis, womb, skin, mental related diseases.
The day in a week associated with Chandra is Monday.
It also stays approximately for 2.25 days in a Rashi or astrological sign.

On Hinduism as an Open Source Religion

Josh Schrei (Strategist, Producer, Writer, Critic, Activist) writes in the Huffington Post that the key point of differentiation between Hinduism and these other faiths is not polytheism vs. monotheism. The key differentiation is that Hinduism is Open Source and most other faiths are Closed Source. In simple terms Hinduism gives the freedom to the individual to approach, conceive and perceive God in the way he/she wants. This freedom is lacking in most religions.  Josh Schrei writes  If we consider god, the concept of god, the practices that lead one to god, and the ideas, thoughts and philosophies around the nature of the human mind the source code, then India has been the place where the doors have been thrown wide open and the coders have been given free reign to craft, invent, reinvent, refine, imagine, and re-imagine to the point that literally every variety of the spiritual and cognitive experience has been explored, celebrated, and documented.  The results of India's God Pr…

Teachings from the songs of Sri Tyagaraja

Nidhi Nala Sukhama – Ramuni Sannidi Seva Sukhama
What constitutes happiness? Nidhi (money) or Sri Rama’s Sannidhi (Divine Presence)?
What constitutes sweetness? A concoction of milk, butter, sugar and rice? Or the nectar of a bhajans of devotion to the Lord?
What constitutes grace? A dip in holy river Ganga of the soul? Or dabbling in the polluted waters of narstuti – the praise of an ordinary mortal? Or waiting for the appreciation of humans.