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Sri Chintamani Fair and Yatra at Kalamb near Yavatmal

Sri Chintamani Fair and Yatra are held at the famous underground ChintamaniGaneshTemple at Kalamb in Yavatmal District in Maharashtra. In 2018, the fair and yatra will be held from January 18 The most important date is January 21, 2018. The fair ends on January 24.

ChintamaniGaneshTemple is located at Kalamb on the Nagpur - Yavatmal road. Chinta means worry in local Marathi language and the belief is that Sri Chintamani removes all worries. The temple is also noted for a sacred water body known as Ganesh Kunda.
ChintamaniGaneshTemple is also one of the 21 kshetras or important temple dedicated to Ganesha.
Shri Chintamani yatra begins on the Magh Shukla Paksha Pratipada and the important rituals and fair is held from Chaturthi to Saptami. Nearly 50,000 people attend the yatra and fair.

Adi Shankaracharya – Essential Teachings

The world is filled with attachments and aversions and is like a dream; it appears to be real as long as one is ignorant but becomes unreal when one is awake.
Just as a piece of rope is imagined to be a snake and an oyster to be a piece of silver, so is the atman (soul) determined to be the physical body by an ignorant person.
Atman is verily one and without parts, where as the body consists of many parts, and yet the people see these as one. What else can be called ignorance but this?
All beings are, by nature, pure consciousness itself. It is due to ignorance that they appear to be different. Adi Shankaracharya
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