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Symbolism of the Inverted Tree in Hinduism

In Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, the cosmic tree is represented as a huge inverted tree. It is a symbol that the entire universe originates from a single source. The roots of the tree are in the skies. Wisdom and creative energy is dispensed to earth through the branches.
The inverted cosmic tree is always represented by the pipal tree. It is an image of the living cosmos and is considered to be the center of the world. The cosmic tree connects the sky, the earth and the netherworld.
The inverted cosmic tree also represents the path of spiritual ascent.
It is also a symbol of the ultimate spiritual experience.
Ignorance is when forget the true source (roots) and cling to leaves and branches – whose existence is depend on the roots.

Online Course on Vedas and Upanishads – Study Vedas and Upanishads at Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS)

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (OCHS) is a Recognized Independent Centre of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. The centre provides various courses in Hinduism online in English and the next session of the online course on Vedas and Upanishads starts on January 16, 2012 and you can enroll now. Course cost is £95 fully inclusive.

The aim of the course is to provide the student with a broad understanding of the contents of these works, as well as the religious beliefs and practices they advocate.
All study materials are delivered via the web. The tutor will always be available by email. You will also be able to communicate online with your fellow students.
You can find more details about the course structure and how to enroll here at the official website of Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies(OCHS).

To make room, it is enough that the cramping be removed; room is not brought in from elsewhere – Sri Ramana Maharishi

Self realization is nothing to be gained afresh; it is already there. All that is necessary is to get rid of the thought ‘I have not realized.’
Stillness or peace is realization.
There is no moment when the Self is not. So long as there is doubt or the feeling of non-realization, the attempt should be made to rid oneself of these thoughts.
They are due to the identification of the Self with the not-Self. When the not-self disappears, the Self alone remains.
To make room, it is enough that the cramping be removed; room is not brought in from elsewhere.
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