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Thai Amavasai Ritual at Vedaranyam Temple in Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu

Thai Amavasai is the no moon day in the Thai month in traditional Hindu calendar followed in Tamil Nadu. The day is of great significance at the famous VedaranyeshwararTemple in Vedaranyam. Thousands of devotees take holy dip in the Bay of BengalSea at Kodiakarai, Vedaranyam and Poompuhar in Nagapattinam District.

Legend has it that Saint Agasthiyar got a darshan of Shiva at VedaranyeshwararTemple in Vedaranyam on Thai Amavasai day after he took a holy dip in the Bay of Bengal.
In commemoration of this holy event thousands of devotees throng this temple for taking a dip in the "Siddhar Ghat" area. Inside the temple, the devotees took another dip in the 'Manikarnika Ghat'.
On the day, devotees also perform rituals in memory of dead family members at Kaveripoompattinam near Poompuhar at the confluence of Cauvery and Bay of Bengal
At Ananthamangalam near Porayar, devotees visit Sri Hanuman temple in connection with Thai Amavasai.

God and I – Thoughts by Teachers

If you possess happiness you possess everything: to be happy is to be in tune with God – Paramahansa Yogananda
If I have a little mind and I think of God, the God of my thinking will be a little God, though I may clothe him with grandeur, beauty, wisdom and all the rest of it. – Jiddu Krishnamurti
Go over and over your beads, paint weird designs on your forehead, wear your hair matted, long and ostentatious, but when deep inside you there is a loaded gun, how you have God? – Kabir
God is a philosophical black hole – the point where reason breaks down. – Kedar Joshi
That formless ground of Being is always the deepest dimension of who we all are, and it is the ultimate source and wellspring of all that is. In that Ground, nothing ever moves, because there is no time, form, subject or object. There is only One, eternally at rest and at peace. – Andrew Cohen