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Swami Samarth Jayanti - Prakat Din or Birth Anniversary of Swami Samarth

Swami Samarth is believed to be an incarnation of Sri Dattatreya and is a very popular saint in Maharashtra. it is the prakat din or birth anniversary of the holy Saint. Swami Samarth Jayanti 2018 date is March 19. He lived at a place named Akkalkot near Solapur in Maharashtra from 1856 AD and attained Samadhi here in 1878 AD. Nothing much is known about his early days.

Swami Samarth Jayanti is annually observed on the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Dwitiya day – second day during the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra Month.
There are some striking similarities between the lives of Swami Samarth and Shirdi Sai Baba. Swami Samarth performed numerous miracles during this life time and his devotees even today continue to experience his miracles.
His teachings are simple and inspired the common people who came in contact with him.
His philosophy was – Harm no one, provide joy to every one. Inside every one, I am the only One.

Hanuman Worship to escape from fear of Ghosts and Spirits

In Hindu tradition, Hanuman is worshipped by those people who have fear of ghosts, spirits, night and darkness. The popular belief is that He will protect them from all apparitions. Legend has it that Vayu, the Hindu wind god and father of Hanuman, gave him the boon that when Hanuman is remembered all spirits and ghosts will flee.
Hanuman in his childhood reaches for the sun thinking it to be a fruit. Indra uses his thunderbolt to stop Hanuman. The thunderbolt strikes Hanuman on his cheek and child Hanuman falls on to earth. Vayu picks him up midair and goes into a cave.
An angry Vayu avenges this attack on his son by removing air from earth. Soon all beings suffocate. Terrified, Devas approach Brahma who tells them the reason.
Soon Devas and Brahma reach the cave. Brahma revives Hanuman. All the gods present their give Hanuman a boon each.
Vayu is happy and revives the air on earth. He also blesses Hanuman with the power to overcome ghost and spirits.
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Agni Purana in Hindi – Read Agni Puran Online

Agni Purana is one of the most important Puranas. It contains valuable information on the observance of numerous vrats and pujas. It also details regarding the origin of various rituals. Now the Ved Puran website is offering the entire Agni Purana in Hindi online. It is not in pdf format. So you can only read it online.
Link – Read Agni Purana in Hindi online.