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Amalaki Dwadashi – Amlaki Dwadasi Vrat

Amalaki Dwadashi is observed on the 12th day during the waxing phase of moon in Magh month – Shukla Paksha Dwadashi day in Magh Mahina in North India. Amalaki Dwadashi 2018 date is January 28. The day is dedicated to the worship of Amala or gooseberry tree.

Amalaki Dwadashi prayers are dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu. Amala is considered dear to Vishnu.
It must be noted that in South India certain communities observe Amalaki Dwadashi when Pushya Nakshatra falls on Shukla Paksha Dwadashi.
The day is also observed as Bhishma Dwadasi and Varah Dwadashi.

Varah Dwadashi 2018 date

Varah Dwadashi is dedicated to the Varha or boar incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu – the second avatar of Lord Vishnu. Varah Dwadashi 2018 date is January 28.  It is observed on the twelfth day (dvadashi) of the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in Magh month. The popular belief is that it was on this day Lord Vishnu rescued Mother Earth from demon Hiranyaksha.

A pot filled with water is symbolically considered as Varah and worshipped on the day. A Naivedya is prepared and usual puja rituals associated with Lord Vishnu are followed.
The mantra chanted on the day is ‘Om Varahaya Namah.’
The belief is that observing the day will help in attaining moksha. The devotee who worships Varah Avatar on the day will be blessed with good health, peace and prosperity.

Virtual Tour of Ajanta Caves through high resolution pictures

AjantaCaves need no introduction as they are the finest examples of rock cut architecture and paintings. A. Suresh Babu of view360 has created a virtual tour of AjantaCave through high resolution images. You can view the pictures in 360 degrees.
You can take the virtual tour here at the view360 website.

For peace of mind do not find fault with others rather see your own faults – Mother Sarada Devi

The mind is rendered pure as a result of many austerities. God, who is purity itself, cannot be attained without austerities.
Repeating the name of God once, when the mind is controlled is equivalent to a million repetitions when the mind strays from God. You may repeat the name of God for the whole day, but if the mind be elsewhere, that does not produce much result. The repetition of the name must accompany concentration.
As the wind removes the cloud, so the name of the Lord destroys the cloud of worldliness that overcasts the mind.
I tell you one thing. If you want peace of mind, do not find fault with others. Rather see your own faults. Mother Sarada Devi
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