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Who is Sri Ram? – Mata Sita Explains to Hanuman in Shri Rama Hridaya

Rama is God. He is the personified and visible Brahman (The all-pervading ultimate reality).

He is peerless.

He is the reservoir of Sat (real and perpetual existence), Chit (consciousness) and Ananda (bliss).

He is attributeless.

He is the Absolute Truth.

He is imperceptible by the mind or the senses.

He is the repository of joy.

Calm, uncontaminated, changeless, beyond the Maya, omnipresent and self effulgent is He.

He is the Changeless One, The Soul of all.

Shri Rama Hridaya is a discourse between Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is part of the Bala Kanda of Adhyatma Ramayana.


Bhagavan Sri Rama is the reservoir of Sat (real and perpetual existence), Chit (consciousness) and Ananda (bliss).

The statement encapsulates a profound aspect of the Hindu philosophy and spiritual tradition, particularly within the context of devotion to Lord Rama. Let's break down the concepts mentioned:

  1. Bhagavan Sri Rama: This refers to Lord Rama, a central figure in Hindu mythology and one of the most revered incarnations (avatars) of the Supreme Being, Vishnu. Lord Rama is known for his righteousness, courage, compassion, and devotion to dharma (righteousness).

  2. Sat: Sat refers to the concept of absolute reality, truth, or existence that transcends the material world. It represents the eternal and unchanging aspect of reality, beyond the realm of illusion (maya). In the context of Lord Rama, it suggests that he embodies the ultimate reality and permanence.

  3. Chit: Chit signifies consciousness or awareness. It represents the aspect of the divine that is aware of itself and of all existence. Chit is the foundation of all experience and knowledge. In relation to Lord Rama, it implies that he embodies pure consciousness or divine awareness.

  4. Ananda: Ananda translates to bliss or joy. It refers to the supreme happiness that transcends worldly pleasures and pains. Ananda is considered an inherent quality of the divine and the ultimate goal of spiritual realization. Lord Rama, being the reservoir of Ananda, represents the source of boundless bliss and joy.

Therefore, the statement suggests that Lord Rama embodies the essence of Sat (eternal existence), Chit (consciousness), and Ananda (bliss), making him the ultimate reality and source of divine joy and awareness in Hindu tradition. This concept underscores the deep spiritual significance attributed to Lord Rama by his devotees.