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Ramcharitmanas Teachings

A collection of teachings from Ramcharitmanas.

There are three evils most formidable of all – lust, anger and greed. In an instant they distract the mind of hermits who are the very repositories of wisdom. The weapons of greed are desire and hypocrisy, of lust nothing but woman; while anger’s weapon is harsh speech – so declare the great sages after deep thought.

Anger, lust, greed, pride and delusion, all these get eliminated through Sri Rama’s grace. He who wins the favor of that divine player is never deluded by His jugglery.

I (Bhagvan Sri Ram) always take care of those who worship Me with undivided faith, even as a mother guards her child. If an infant child runs to catch hold of fire or a snake, the mother holds it aside. When, however, her son has grown up she love him no doubt, but not as before. The wise are like My grown up sons, while humble devotees are like My infant children. A devotee depends on Me, while the former (wise man) depends on his own strength; and both have to face enemies like lust and anger. Pondering thus the prudent adore Me and never take leave of devotion even after attaining wisdom.