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Nauchandi Mela 2024 in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh

Nauchandi Mela is annually held after the Holi festival and the fair attracts nearly a 100,000 people. Nauchandi Mela 2024 date is to be specified by local administration. The date can change depending on the political climate. The mela lasts for a month and is famous for its crafts. Numerous religious activities are also part of the fair.

It is believed that the Nauchandi Mela began to commemorate the building of the Chandi Temple in Meerut by Mandodari, the wife of the demon king, Ravana.

Shopkeepers from all over Uttar Pradesh and North India put up stalls in the fair – more than 1000 stalls are put in a 4 square kilometer area. The fair offers various kinds of crafts, utensils, entertainments and food.

It generally starts from the second Sunday after Holi at the Nauchandi ground on Garhmukteshwar road or called Garh road. The ground is near the Tiranga Bus Stand in Meerut. It is around 3 km from Sohrab Gate Bus Stand.

The mela begins after offering a Chunari at the Nau Chandi Temple in the city.

The mela is organized alternatively by District Parishad and Meerut Municipal Cooperation.

Another Version of the Mela

It is believed that the Mela began in 1884. F.N. Wright, the then collector of Meerut District started a horse exhibition here. The aim of the exhibition was to buy and sell good breeds of horses.

The other activities began to support, cater and attract the people who came to buy or sell the horses.
The mela became very popular after the 1980s.

Special Train
A special train “Nauchandi Express” was a government of India initiative for facilitating the smooth and affordable transportation of people and goods to The Nauchandi Mela of Meerut.

Status of Nauchandi Mela Today
  • Over crowded, no proper time table, no proper starting and ending date and there is also no proper security.
  • Women are not safe in the mela.
  • Communal clashes have become very common during the mela.