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Ex-investment Banker Adapts Hindu Teachings to Escape Greed and the Prison of Wall Street

Rasanath Das, an ex-investment banker, is now a Hindu Saint and was helping Occupy Wall Street protesters in meditation. So what pushed the ex-banker to take up Hindu teachings? – greed, unethical competition and remorseless methods adopted to reach the top by people in his business.
He now aims to build character in managers and help avoid disastrous decisions made for short-term goals.  Reuter’s reports
"Anger won't solve anything," he told Reuters. "We have to work from the heart ... there is so much distrust now." A native of Mumbai, Das studied at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and moved to the United States in 2000 to work as a consultant with the accounting firm Deloitte.
After earning a masters of business administration (MBA) at Cornell, he started at Bank of America in 2006. His specialty was the technology, media and telecoms sector and he dealt in so-called structured products, including mortgage-backed securities -- "the things that blew…

Sooryaji Thoughts

All inhuman acts are performed in moments of anger. Anger is deadly enemy. Anger makes you lose your sense, power or reasoning, clouds vision and sense of justice. Anger can kill. Acts of hatred and revenge may give the fleeting feeling of winning a battle. But the war is lost, when you lose your self-esteem. Anger affects mind, body and soul, all in a negative way.
Honesty does not stop at merely being truthful and half-truths are not honest enough. Develop courage of conviction, and strength of character. One has to be fearless to be honest, as, in today’s world, negative and corrupt forces are at work. Yes, they can hurt and harm us. But if you shy away from taking a stand, you are in a way supporting them. If you choose to overlook these forces, you are encouraging these disruptive forces to grow stronger. Sooryaji – Sooryayog Teacher