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Skipping Sabarimala Ayyappa Vratam and Climbing the Sabarimala Mountain Can be Health Risky

Earlier Ayyappa devotees used to climb the SabariMountain and reach the abode of Swami Ayyappa after following the 41 day Mandala Vratam strictly. But nowadays most people do not observe the Vratam associated with the SabarimalaAyyappaTemple – they just simply buy an Ayyappa Mala and go the temple next day. The 41-day Vratam was meant to prepare the devotee mentally and physically to under take the arduous trek. Ayyappa Temple Darshan period is from Mid November to Mid January. Deccan Chronicle reports
Dr B. Padmakumar, associate professor of the Alappuzha TD Medical College, who has been on official duty in the hill shrine for the past 15 years, said that the insistence on a 41-day vratha before the pilgrimage was to ensure that the pilgrims were healthy enough to undertake the trek.
Unfortunately the number of devotees skipping this vratha was increasing year after year. “Many undertake the pilgrimage after wearing a chain made of beads the previous day and without observing any rigo…

Sri Rama Devi Amma Quotes

Be a lover of God and you will not lack anything.
All miseries come from want of faith in Truth. A man of faith is the strongest one. So throw away this sense of identification with a body and a finite personality, through reflection, through force of faith, through love of the Cosmic Power, through strength of identity with the Self.
Within the sphere of mental life, characterized by thoughts and imaginations, desires and delusions, the discovery of the divine nature is impossible. When the mind is stilled into the depth of profound silence, the latent divinity shines forth as the hidden sun emerges from behind the overhanging clouds. Silence is therefore the most appropriate condition of mind in which the mind can receive the transforming touch of the Divine.
They say, forget the world and God will appear before you. But Mother tells you, you need not forget the world altogether, but remember God, devoutly long for his vision, await His arrival in vigilant aspiration and do your work i…