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How Sanskrit Came to be known to Humans?

No one created Sanskrit as it is Vedavani (language of Veda) and the language of nature. There is also no origin to Sanskrit as it is eternal. But how Sanskrit came to be known to humans is narrated to child Aitareya by his father and is found in the Aitareya Upanishad.
Shiva in his Nataraja form performed a great dance in the center of the universe. Shiva was the dancer, the dance and the audience. With bells ringing and flames encircling him, he danced, his braided hair whirling as he spun round and round. In his left hand he held the flame of destruction and in his right hand he held the drum of creation – damaru. He swung the drum from side to side, measuring the rhythm of the dance.
From the pulse of that small drum came forth the Sanskrit alphabet and from those sounds came forth all forms. The alphabet was heard by the sage Panini. He recorded the cognition in fourteen short verses, called the Shiva Sutras. Sage Panini placed these sutras in the beginning of his Sanskrit Gramm…

Haridwar Stampede November 8, 2011 – 16 dead – Do We Care?

A religious program organized by Gayatri Parivar as part of the birth centenary celebrations of Yugrishi Acharya Shriram Sharma attracted thousands of Hindus and it resulted in a stampede killing 16 dead. Haridwar had successfully conducted a Kumbh Mela, which attracted millions of people, in 2010. So what happened in 2011?
Kumbh Mela attracts world media attention and Hindus around the world keep track of the Mela – so the officials were alert. Not a single life was lost in stampede.
This time around it was not a major event but the five-day ritual attracted nearly 400,000 people. Chief Ministers, central ministers and other officials were participating in the ritual which promotes women chanting the Vedic Mantras.
Official apathy is the reason for such stampedes. Before giving permission for such events, officials should first take care of the security and life of the people participating in the event.
Temple stampedes during festivals and auspicious days are nothing new in India.
Wai T…

Anvashtaka Shradh in Paush Month in North India

Anvashtaka Shradh is observed on the ninth day during the waning phase of moon (Krishna Paksha Navami) in Magh month in calendars followed in North India. Anvashtaka Shradh 2018 date is January 10.

The previous day of Anvashtaka is Ashtaka Shradh.
Performing Shradh, Tarpan and Pinda Daan on these days is considered highly meritorious. Shradh on these days is limited to certain Hindu communities.
It must be noted that in South India Anvashtaka Shradh is observed in Bhadrapad month. In Tamil calendars too this is marked in other months mostly during Thai or Masi Masam.

Prayers from Vedas

O’ God, Lead me from the unreal to the real Lead me from darkness (ignorance) to light Lead from death to immortality
O’ God, Let all beings in this world be happy, be healthy, be full of bliss and no one should be in pain.
Let our aim be common and our hearts of one accord. And all of us be of one mind so that we may live well together.
O God, you are our mother and father. You are our brother and friend. You are knowledge and wealth. You are everything to us, O’ Supreme Lord.
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