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Harivasaram period during Ekadasi

Ekadasi fasting is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and is observed on the 11th day of a lunar fortnight as per traditional Hindu calendar. A specific period during Ekadasi fasting is considered highly auspicious and this is the Harivasaram period and is strictly followed by many Hindus in South India. The timing of Harivasaram is based on Tithi in Hindu calendar.
The last one quarter of Ekadasi tithi (11th day) and the first one quarter of Dwadasi tithi (12th day) is known as Harivasaram. Those people strictly following Harivasaram can see it marked in their local Panchangs.
A complete fast is observed during the period – not even water is taken by devotees.

Sivashankar Baba Thoughts

Start the Day with Love Spend the Day with Love Fill the Day with Love End the Day with Love This is the way to God
If you gain God and lose everything else, What is that you have lost? If you lose God and gain everything else, What is that you have gained?
The happiness or sorrow that you feel, stems from you. When you visit a temple, it is your own visualization of your inner emotions that makes you assume God is smiling at you or frowning at you. God is not a physical entity. If you have mastered the art of being happy all the while, you will be in eternal contentment. Then you will feel an abundant flow, an overwhelming sense of love for God Sivashankar Baba