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Knowledge alone destroys ignorance, as light destroys darkness – Adi Shankaracharya

Just as a piece of rope if imagined to be a snake and an oyster to be a piece of silver, so is the Atman (soul) determined to be the physical body by an ignorant person.
Atman (Eternal Self) is verily one and without parts, whereas the body consists of many parts and yet the people see these as one. What else can be called ignorance but this?
Action cannot destroy ignorance, for it is not in conflict with ignorance. Knowledge alone destroys ignorance, as light destroys darkness.
The impression of "I am Brahman" created by uninterrupted reflection, destroys ignorance and its distractions, as medicine destroys disease.

All beings are, by nature, pure consciousness itself. It is due to ignorance that they appear to be different.
Adi Shankaracharya 

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