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Teachings from Vedas on Creation

Then there was no entity nor non-entity; no world, no sky, nor aught above it; nothing anywhere, involving or involved; nor water deep and dangerous. Death was not, and therefore no immortality, nor distinction of day or night.

But that one breathed calmly alone with Nature, her who is sustained within him. Other than Him, nothing existed which since has been. Darkness there was; for this universe was enveloped with darkness, and was indistinguishable water; but that mass, which was covered by the husk, was at length produced by the power of contemplation.

First desire was formed in his mind; and that became the original productive seed; which the wise, recognizing it by the intellect in their hearts, distinguish as the bond of nonentity with entity. Did the luminous ray of these creative acts expand in the middle or above or below? That productive energy became providence and matter; Nature, who is sustained within, was inferior and he who sustains was above.

Who knows for certain about…