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Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Details in Telugu – How to do Vinayaka Chaturthi ? – Puja and Procedures

If you are performing Ganesh Chaturthi puja at home and are looking for puja procedure, mantras and other details in Telugu, then the Sumadhwa Seva website has uploaded a pdf document with on How to perform Vinayaka Chaturthi Puja. It contains all mantras and puja procedures associated with Ganapati puja.

LinkGanesh Chaturthi Puja Details in Telugu

You will need pdf reader installed to download or read the puja procedures.

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The word joy is different from the experience of joy – Swami Sukhabodhananda

Exploring oneself is an ongoing process. It is great fun and an adventure.
A lot of us have conceptional knowledge. The word is not the thing. The word ‘love’ is not love. Verbal knowledge is superficial, but to get at the meaning of the word is existential. The word ‘joy’ is different from the experience of joy.
Let me give an example: a student asks the master, you denounce knowledge and at the same time you utter pearls of wisdom. Why is it so?
Master answers – I prefer seeds of wisdom for when the seed is planted it grows, whereas when a pearl is planted it does not grow.


Swami Sukhabodhananda Quotes