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How Peacock Got Beautiful Feathers? – Story In Hindu Religion

An interesting story in the Uttara Ramayana narrates how peacocks got beautiful feathers. As per Hindu religion, peacock (mayil or mor) is the vehicle of Kartik or Muruga and Sri Krishna adorns a peacock feather on his hair. Legend has it that it was Indra who blessed peacocks with beautiful feathers.

Ravana was on his way to conquer the world when he arrived at a mountain named Ushiravira. There a king named Marutha was conducting a yajna.

All Devas (demigods) including the king of Devas, Indra, had arrived to partake in the yajna. When the Devas saw Ravana approaching the mountain in his Pushpaka Vimana, they took the form of various birds and hid in the bushes and forest.

When Ravana left the mountain, the Devas again assembled at the place of the yajna. Indra had taken the form of a peacock to escape. He was pleased with the form of peacock.

Indra then called peacocks in the mountain and told them that from that day onwards peacocks will have feathers that will attract all the living beings. He also blessed them that his thousand eyes will now appear on the feathers of peacocks.

He also gave the peacocks the boon that they will never have any diseases and if anyone kills a peacock the person will die soon.

Before Indra gave the boon peacocks only had blue colored feathers. It is after the boon that peacocks started dancing in rain.