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Duke University in North Carolina Appoints First Hindu Chaplin

Duke University at Durham in the U.S. state of North Carolina has appointed Usha Rajagopalan as its first Hindu chaplin. Ushaji began her part-time role at Duke on August 1, 2011 and will provide guidance for the Hindu Students Association and represent the group on Duke's Faith Council and in the university's Religious Life program. The Hindu Student Association at Duke, which was founded in 1998, organizes scripture studies, Hindu festivals and Hinduism Awareness Week. Duke Today writes
Usha Rajagopalan is fluent in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam, and comes to Duke with degrees from Annamalai University in India and the University of Maryland. She has been leading Hindu worship services in the Triangle area and received the 2009 Kathryn H. Wallace Award in Community Service from the Triangle Community Foundation. "Hinduism, or Sanathana Dharma, is not a religion but a practice, a way of life," Rajagopalan said. "Deepening understanding of their inner world as they …

Coconut on Kalash – What to do with Water and Coconut atop Kalasham after Varalakshmi Puja?

Kalash is an indispensible part of Varalakshmi puja and vratam. What to do with the coconut atop the kalash and water inside the pot always haunts women and men who are part of the puja.
You should break the coconut next day and use it to make any sweet like sweet pongal, modak, or kozhukattai with jaggery and rice. The sweet is then offered to the Gods worshipped at home. Family members then eat the sweet.
The water in the kalash should be offered to plants which are on ground (not potted plants). The water should not flow out. People should not stamp on water.
You can offer the water to Tulsi or any other plant.
If you are using turmeric then it should be thrown into a well.

Rice used can be used to cook prasad. If not possible it can be donated along with more rice to poor people.

Siddharudh Swami Samadhi Day - Siddharudh Swami Punyatithi

Siddharudh Swami was a popular saint in the 20th century in Karnataka. He spread the teachings of Advaita and performed numerous miracles during his life time. Siddharudh Swami Samadhi day in 2018 is on August 27. It is the punyatithi or the death anniversary of the great soul. Annually it is observed on the first day of the waning phase of moon, or Krishna Paksha Pratipada, in Shravan month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

Many people believe that he was a reincarnation of the 16th century saint-philosopher, Nijaguna Shivayogi.
Siddharudh Swami was given the title Advaita Chakravarti, the Emperor of the Advaita Saints. An ascetic of highest order, Siddharudh Swami spread the true message of Advaita to the masses.

Swami Bhaskarananda Thoughts on Peace

The wise say that ever-enduring peace can never be obtained through external means.
One who has found inner peace has indeed found peace that abides forever.
Through spiritual discipline alone this inner peace can be acquired.
One who has found peace within transmits peace to others by one’s own life’s example, though one be not aware of it.
Therefore, say the wise, may all try to create peace within, before trying to create any temporary or superficial peace in the world through external means.
Swami Bhaskarananda is associated with the Ramakrishna Mission