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Goddess Maramma

Goddess Maramma is a manifestation of mother goddess that is worshipped in South India, especially in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. She protects people from epidemic diseases and is also known as Mari, Masanamma, Chaudi, Kali and Karali. Some people believe she is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and refer to her as Maheshwari.
In many villages in South India, Goddess Maramma is also an incarnation of Goddess Renuka Devi, mother of the Parashurama Avatar of Srihari Vishnu.
She is worshipped for a peaceful and happy life – without any ailments. She stops all epidemics. She is mother to those who follow the path of Dharma. Nemesis to all those who indulge in Adharmic activities.
In Tantric worship, Goddess Maramma is a blood thirsty deity. But this form is currently limited to some temples in rural areas and is not encouraged by majority of rural Hindus.
Almost all villages have a temple or murti of Goddess Maramma. Bisilu Maramma temple in MysorePalace compound behind the Gun…

The mind is not torturing you – it is you who are torturing the mind – Sri Chinmoy

The mind is not bad; it is only that desire is entering into your mind and agitating it. The mind is not torturing you; it is you who are torturing the mind. Desire comes and wants to play with the mind or strike the mind to get some sound from it. Therefore, the mind starts defending itself. So do not blame mind for meanness, jealously, hypocrisy and lower vital thoughts.
Desire has to be replaced and this is possible only through aspiration. Empty the vessel of desire and fill it with aspiration. It is like emptying a vessel of dirty, filthy water and filling it with clean, pure water.
You can do it only by seeing what happens to those who have not emptied their vessels. They suffer unbearably, beyond their imagination. And those who empty desire and ignorance from their inner vessel and fill the vessel with aspiration and wisdom make themselves happy. Not only are they fulfilled but God Himself is fulfilled in and through them.
Sri Chinmoy