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Teachings of Angiras from Mundaka Upanishad

There are really two kinds of knowledge, he replied, and one of them is higher and the other is lower. The lower knowledge is of hymns and scriptures, rituals, grammar, poetry, astrology and other such sciences... but the higher knowledge leads a man to that which never dies. That is called the Indestructible
The Indestructible cannot be picked up like this stick or that stone. It belongs to no family, nor to any caste. It neither sees nor hears, It has no hands or feet, It is forever. Wherever you go It is there; you cannot leave It; It is all around you.
It is very fine, very subtle, and that is why you do not see It. Everything else has come out of this Indestructible, you see. You know how a spider spins out her thread from her own body, and draws it back with her arms, or how plants grow from the soil, or how hair grows on a person's body. In that same way, the whole universe emerges from that Indestructible Being.
Mundaka Upanishad