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Download Govinda Ashtakam Lyrics in pdf – English – Telugu – Tamil

Govinda Ashtakam is a prayer dedicated to Sri Krishna and is believed to have been composed by Jagad Guru Adi Shankaracharya. The prayer is a praise to wonderful aspects and leelas of Govinda. Prapatti website is now offering the lyrics of Govinda Ashtakam in English, Telugu and Tamil. You can download it in pdf format.
Link - Govinda Ashtakam in Telugu
Link Govinda Ashtakam Lyrics in Tamil
Link Govinda Ashtakam English

Time is the seed of the universe – Words to Ponder from Mahabharat

With kindness conquer rage; with goodness malice; with generosity defeat all meanness; with the straight truth defeat lies and deceit.
Time is the seed of the universe.
Self restraint, forgiveness, patience, energy, contentment, truthfulness of speech, modesty, abstention from injury, from the evil practices and cleverness, these are productive of happiness.
A person of good acts and good, agreeable and sweet speech has no equal. Mahabharat

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