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Kaliya Ghat in Vrindavan – Spot from where Sri Krishna jumped into Yamuna to Fight Snake Kaliya

Kaliya Ghat, located in Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, is believed to be spot from where Sri Krishna jumped into Yamuna River to fight the huge snake Kaliya. The serpent had poisoned the waters of Yamuna making it unfit to drink. Kaliya Ghat is next to the Varaha Ghat and is located near the Gautam Rishi Ashram near the ISKCON Sri Krishna Balarama Temple in Vrindavan.

River Yamuna no longer flows near the Ghat as it used to during the time of Sri Krishna. The River has drifted a few kilometers away.

At the Kaliya Ghat there is a huge Kadamba Tree – it is believed that Sri Krishna jumped from this tree into Yamuna River.

There is a temple dedicated to the divine event of Sri Krishna subduing Kaliya at the Ghat.

It has a murti of Sri Krishna standing atop the Snake Kaliya. Another murti is that of Balarama – a white murti. Murtis of the two of the wives of Kaliya is also found inside the temple.