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Which Finger Should be used to apply Tilak or Chandan in Hindu Religion?

Applying tilak or chandan or Bhasma (sacred ash) on forehead is a very important daily religious ritual in Hinduism. The ring finger should be used to apply tilak on forehead. The region below the ring finger is referred as Surya Kshetra or Surya Parvat. By using the ring finger a person brings a glow to the face – symbolically the energy of Surya. This makes the person ready for the particular day’s Karma.
Another belief is that by using ring finger, a person awakens the Agaya Chakra on the forehead and this helps in awakening intellect.
Thus by applying tilak on forehead early morning brightens the day and prepares a person to face it boldly and intellectually.

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Documentary on Hindu Women Priest in Pune

Hindu women performing religious rituals – like is slowly finding acceptance in many major cities in India – a city in India that is in the forefront of training women priests is Pune in Maharashtra. A documentary is being planned on the success of women priest in Pune – who perform all kinds of puja, Ganesh Chaturthi puja, marriage rituals and funeral rites. The documentary is directed by Suhasini Mulay, national award-winning actress and director.  Mid Day reports
'Back to the Vedas', is the resonant mantra among religious organisations in Pune, who are training women to become priests. The Vedas propagates gender equality and encourages women to learn Sanskrit shlokas. Arya Joshi, course coordinator at Dnyana Prabodhini, said so far they had trained over 1,000 women priests since 1990. "Housewives are keen to do the course to supplement family income. The course has become popular," she said. The city now has more women priests than other cities in the state. "…

Swami Ramananda Thoughts

Surrounding me on all sides is the Song of Creation. It is Beginingless and Endless.
It is that undefinable oneness imprinted upon all things and dimly perceived through a veil of illusion called past, present and future.
Within the Hidden Archives of Creation on layer after layer of Endless Cosmic Shelves, the Sacred manuscripts of God and man are stored.
When you are prepared, you will understand. Be patient. Everything of True Value is learned only by great testing and great patience. In time perhaps, you too will know the Secrets that are kept Sacred by Mother Earth. Swami Ramananda
Source – Gospel of the Stone – Swami Ramananda