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Panch Devta - The Concept of Puja of Five Gods in Hinduism

Panch Devta is the concept of five gods in Hinduism. The Panch Dev that are worshipped are Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Shakti and Surya. The concept of Panch Devta is more popular with Hindu communities in North India. The five gods are worshipped daily in homes. Those people who worship the five gods are known as Panchopasak.

For fasting and other related rituals, the Panchopasak follows the Smarta Tradition.

Panch Dev Puja is believed to help in attaining happiness, progress and peace.

The concept of Panch Dev was developed by teachers of Santana Dharma to help common people who are not able to understand the concept of Brahman. The Panch devtas are manifestations of Brahman who is actually unthinkable, unmanifested, unlimited and without a form.

Book – Download Thirty Minor Upanishads in English in pdf for free

Thirty Minor Upanishads is a collection of translation of small Upanishads which are part of Vedas and are not counted among the popular Upanishad texts. The Upanishads are translated by K. Narayanaswami Aiyar and was published in 1914. Now you can download the book in pdf format for free from the Central Archeological Library of India.  Link - Thirty Minor Upanishads in pdf – Download for free
To read online or to download and save you will need to have a pdf reader installed in your browser.

Indrani Puja

Indrani Puja is observed in the month of Ashada in North India. It is dedicated to Goddess Indrani. Ashada Krishna Paksha Navami or ninth day during the waning phase of moon is when the puja is observed. Indrani Puja 2018 date is July 7. The puja and rituals on the day are only observed by certain Hindu communities in North India.

Goddess Indrani is one of the Sapta Matrikas – the seven divine mothers or Saptamatris. Goddess Indrani takes her name from Indra – the king of the Devas. She has similar characteristics of Indra and the same Vahana or vehicle – white elephant.

She is worshipped for peace and good harvest.

Spiritual experience is an experience of no thought – Osho Thoughts

A stone on the path can either be a stopping stone hindering the path, or it can be a stepping stone helping you to go higher on the path. The stone is the same, but how you use it all depends on you. Silence is the space in which one awakens, and the noisy mind is the space in which one remains asleep. It is not the distance that takes time, but the barriers, particularly those you create for yourself. Spiritual experience is an experience of no thought.