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Kamal Nabhi at Kurukshetra

Located at Kurukshetra in Haryana, Kamal Nabhi Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu and Brahma. The sacred spot is associated with creation in Hindu tradition - Brahma atop lotus from navel of Vishnu. It is located near Thanesar town and is around 3 km from Kurukshetra Railway Station.

As per Hindu tradition, after the great deluge, Srihari Vishnu alone floats atop a banyan leaf. Jagadamba (Goddess Shakti) appears before the Vatapatrasayi Vishnu and reminds him that it is time for the next cycle of creation. Then from the navel of Vishnu appears a lotus with Brahma atop it.

Kamal Nabhi Temple at Kurukshetra is based on this divine event. The temple has numerous images of Brahma and Vishnu.

A sacred tank is located near the temple.