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Til Chauth

Til Chauth is an auspicious day observed on the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon of Magh month as per Hindu calendar followed in North India. Til Chauth 2018 date is January 5. People apply Til or Sesame paste on the body and take bath on the day.

Various food items made from Til or Sesame are also distributed on the day.

Most popular delicacies include Til Wadi and sweets made of til mixed with sugar or jaggery and groundnuts.

It must be noted that the ritual of Til Chauth is also observed on the 4th day of shukla paksha of magh month in western parts of India especially in Maharashtra. This will be on January 31, 2017 and is known as Til Kund Chaturthi.

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