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Reason for the Use of Black Color and Sesame – Til or Ellu – During Makar Sankranti

Black is given special importance during Makar Sankranti. Black color Sesame – Til or Ellu – is distributed among friends and relatives. Delicacies made of Til are also eaten on the day. The main reason why black color and Til is used because it is widely believed that Sesame contains prosperities that keeps the body healthy and warm during Sankranti period.

Another reason is that Makara Sankramana swaroopa or the personified deity associated with Makar is black in color.

In many regions in Maharashtra people wear black colored dress on Makar Sankranti day. Black is worn on the day to keep the body warm as Sankranti falls during the winter season.

Til and delicacies made from it are distributed in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat during the period. 

A lot of importance is given to til (sesame seeds) due its property of keeping body warm. Sesame seeds (Til) are used to combat the cold in winter, as sesame contains oil which is healthy. This once again proves the wisdom of ancient Hindus who insisted on a particular type of food during a particular season.

Another important delicacy that is eaten during Makar Sankranti is the roti from Bajri.

Makar Sankranti is also known as Ellu Bella in Karnataka. Ellu means Til.