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Book – Ramayana by C Rajagopalachari in Pdf – Download for free

Ramayana Retold by C Rajagopalachari is a very popular condensed version of the Epic Ramayan. Written in simple English, the book narrates all the important incidents in the Ramayana in nutshell. The American Gita society is offering the Ramayana Retold by C Rajagopalachari in pdf format. You can download it for free. The version provided by American Gita Society is edited by Edited by Jay Mazo.

LinkDownload Ramayana Retold by C Rajagopalachari in pdf

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal

Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is a holy period at the famous TulajaBhavaniTemple in Maharashtra. Tuljabhavani Nidrakal is from December 19, 2017 to December 26, 2017. It is observed from the first day of the Paush Shukla Paksha to the 8th day of the Paush Shukla Paksha as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra. It is from the Poush Shukla Paksha Pratipada to Ashtami.

Nidrakal is when the Goddess remains in cosmic sleep. Such periods are observed in certain Shakti Temples.

I am not aware whether the temple will remain closed during the period.

Sadhu Vaswani Quotes and Thoughts

I know not much. I only know that the longing within me grows, day by day, to be consumed, more and more, in the Flame of Sacrifice to Him, whose Beauty blooms in all the worlds and whose Love I see shining, shining everywhere.

Man must learn to walk alone. Live in fellowship with all, but in the heart within, know that you are alone. You belong to no one: no one belongs to you! Alone and empty-handed must you wend your way to the Alone.

The man who gives only to those whom he considers deserving has reason to pray that the Lord, in judging him, will not follow his example.

As the dirty water spoilt my clothes, it occurred to me, what would be my condition if the dirty water of desires stained the pure, clean surface of my heart. The stains on the clothes, mother, can be washed with soap and water. How shall I be able to cleanse the stains of my heart.
Sadhu Vaswani