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Story of the Origin of Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple

There are numerous stories regarding the origin of TirupatiBalajiTemple. Majority of the Tirumala legend involves Goddess Lakshmi leaving Vaikunta in protest against Sage Bhrigu going unpunished after stamping on the chest of Srihari Vishnu. Vishnu then arrives on earth in search of Goddess Lakshmi. The diversion in the legend begins after this main incident. Here is one such story associated with story of origin of TirupatiVenkateswaraTemple.

Sage Bhrigu once wanted to find out which was the supreme among the three qualities – Rajas (energy), Sattva (serene strength) and Tamas (unthinking irascibility).

To find out, Sage Bhrigu went to God Brahma and found that the dominating quality was Rajas. The sage did not find satisfaction and went to Kailash – Shiva had no time for Bhrigu’s pursuits and threw him out of Kailash. The sage considered this as the effect of Tamas.

Finally, Rishi Bhrigu entered the Vaikuntha, the abode of Vishnu and found that Vishnu was asleep. Bhrigu was angry w…

Android Apps Bhagavad Gita – Gita in Mobile

Android is Google’s operating system for mobile phones. Now Bhagavad Gita is available on the Android Application. Gita on Android is provided by Sparsh Apps and is a handy reference. Sparsh claims to have Roman transliteration (ISO 15919) for all verses of the Bhagavad Gita. With this feature it completely feature-compatible with the iOS/iPhone app. The features - Each Sanskrit verse is provided in crisp and clear Devanagari script along with the English translation. A student of Sanskrit will appreciate the English translation which strives to not only be literal but also match the word order as closely as possible to the original Sanskrit.- Quick access to every sloka using familiar touch interactions (spinning-wheel and flick gestures)- Favorites feature to aid in memorization- Fully functional in offline mode as well You can get to know more about it here - Android Apps Bhagavad Gita at Sparsh Apps.

Swami Prabhavananda Thoughts

The desire to argue and quarrel is a sign of ego. If you want to find God, you must suppress the ego and humble yourself — not before your adversary, but before God within him. Never submit to a powerful adversary because you fear the consequences of disagreement; that would be cowardice. But discriminate between principles and opinions. There is a Hindu saying: ‘Say “yea, yea” to everyone, but keep your own seat firm.’ Do not compromise on ideals and principles. But when it comes to opinions, appreciate views differing from yours, and accept them when they merit it.
Swami Prabhavananda – Associated with the Ramakrishna Mission