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US Christian Pastor Says Yoga Demonic – This Pastor Surely Needs to Practice Yoga to Remove the Demon in Him

For MarsHillChurch pastor Mark Driscoll, Yoga is an agent of Hinduism and hence demonic. For R Albert Mohler Jr, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky, yoga is against Christianity. Demonic means extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell. There is no doubt that Pastor Mark Driscoll is under the grip of demon. Surely the practice of Yoga will help in removing the demon that is residing in him.  After practicing yoga, the greatest advantage for the pastor will be that he will be able to understand true teachings of Bible and Christianity. The demon in him will be annihilated through Yoga. This will make him a better Christian and a better human being. MarsHillChurch pastor Mark Driscoll, please join a yoga course – you are not alone – an estimated 15.8 million people practice yoga in the US. If you are not aware majority of them are practicing Christians and better Christians than many pastors. Times of India reports What irked people li…

Dada J Vaswani – Motivating Thoughts

I do not seek pleasure! Pleasure makes a man sick!
I do not seek possession: possessions possess the possessor!
I do not seek power: power makes a man corrupt!
I do but yearn for thee, O Lord!
So bless me that every day of my life may rise as an offering unto Thee!
Mayst Thou be my Unseen Companion in all my ways of living! My body may be sick and my physical heart may not function properly, yet within my soul – the spiritual heart dwells, the spirit of God who always heals and blesses! Each day, this spirit is renewing my body, my mind, my heart. And I feel strong and radiant and serenely happy.
Dada J Vaswani