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Mukha Linga – Mukhling Shivling with Face of Shiva

Mukha Linga is a unique Shivling with face of Shiva etched on it and are found many Shiva temples. Some these Shivalings are covered with metal sheaths and the face is etched on the metal. Some Mukhlingas have the entire image of Shiva carved on the surface.On of the most popular form of Mukha Linga is the Panchamukha Shivalinga. In this Shivling, four faces are in four directions and in some Shivalingams the fifth face is shown facing the sky and in some it is the southeast direction. The five faces are known as Ishana, Tatpurusha, Aghora, Vamadeva and Sadyojatha.There is also SrimukhalingeswaraTemple located at SriMukhalingamVillage in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.In some very rare Mukha Linga, apart from the face the hands and burst of Shiva are sculpted on it – one hand is in abhaya, or blessing posture, and the other holds water vessel.The most popular Mukha linga is the Ekamukhalinga or with a single face.

Ramayana The Epic – Animation Movie Official Website - Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

There is no dearth of animation movies based on Ramayan – so what is new in the Ramayana The Epic directed by Chetan Desai in association with Maya Digital Media and Ketan Mehta? The difference is in the quality of 3D animation – at least the 90 minute promo is far superior animation wise when all the earlier versions of animated Ramayana are considered. Another plus point is the voice over of important characters are given by Bollywood professionals. Ramayana The Epic release date is October 15, 2010 – the Navratri, Dasara and Durga Puja week.
The voice of Mata Sita is given by Juhi Chawla, that of Ram by Manoj Bajpayee and that of Ravan by Ashutosh Rana. The official website of Ramayana The Epic you can find it here - Ramayana The Epic.
The Facebook page is active and is updated by fans of the movie – you can find it here. You can find a 90-minute promo of the movie here at official Youtube Channel.

Dashavatar Dasami Vrat – Dasavatar Vrat

Dashavatar Dasami Vrat is dedicated to the ten incarnations or Dasaavatar of Hindu God Vishnu. Dashavatar Dasami Vrat 2018 date is September 19. It is observed in the Bhadrapad month as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in North India. On this day the ten Avatars of Sri Hari Vishnu are worshipped and special rituals are performed.

Dashavatar dasami vrat falls on the 10th day or the dasami tithi of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month (August – September). On the day, special food is prepared using wheat and rice and is offered to the 10 incarnations.

It is must be noted that the vrat is offered during a different period by some Hindu communities in South India.

Karunakara Guru Quotes

Humility must be inculcated into our language and in the very character. This is possible only when there is devout dedication, to the extent of surrendering the very soul for the cause. We do not need siddhi – occult powers such as levitation, walking on fire, becoming invisible, etc. It is characteristic of the time gone by. Now it is an anachronism. Sri Krishna had exhibited siddhi in totality and put an end to it. It is not to be resorted to hereafter. All the technologies discovered by the west to counter their living conditions of freezing temperatures and snow fall, are pitched towards us, which spell ruin for us. Here Nature is friendly and helpful to our lives in every way. Karunakara Guru