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Biggest Ganesh Idol in 2010 Vinayaka Chaturthi - Two 70-Feet Ganesha Murtis in Vizag (Vishakapatanam) – Videos and Pictures

76-feet tall Ganesha Murti at Vizag is the tallest Ganesh Murti during Vinayaka Chaturthi in 2010. Giving it competition is another idol from Vishakapatanam itself at 70-feet. What is more encouraging is that the murtis are made using clay and natural water colors and they will not be carried to sea for immersion – instead the organizers will be splashing water on the murti and dissolving it at the same spot itself. Watch Video - You can view a short video of the two 70-Feet Ganesha Murtis in Vizag (Vishakapatanam) here at NDTV. Last year too a Ganesh Murti from Vizag was the tallest – 58 feet. Traditionally, it was the Hyderabad Khairtabad Ganesh that used be the tallest during Ganesh Chaturthi festival with a height ranging about 40 feet.

Dol Gyaras

Dol Gyaras is a unique festival observed in the Bhadrapad month in villages in North India and is dedicated to Sri Krishna. Dol Gyaras 2018 date is September 20. On the day, the procession murti of Sri Krishna in a temple is kept on a dol and is taken around the village. The murti is also taken to homes in the village. People offer fruits, vegetables and the deity blesses the household.

Dol Gyaras is observed on the 11th day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in the Bhadrapad month.

The festival is of great importance in temples in Madhya Pradesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi Quotes – Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning in the Divine Birth of Ganesha

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explains the symbolism and spiritual meaning in the divine birth of Ganesha. We are all familiar with the story on how Ganesha became the elephant-headed God. Shiva and Parvati had been celebrating and Parvati becomes dirty. When she realizes this, she removes the dirt from her body, creates a boy out of it and asks him to keep guard while she bathed. When Shiva returned, the boy could not recognize him and obstructed his passage. So Shiva chopped off the boy’s head and entered. Parvati was shocked. She explained that the boy was their son and pleaded with Shiva to save him at all costs. Shiva then instructed his helpers to go and get the head of someone who was sleeping with the head pointing to the north. The helpers then got the head of an elephant, which Shiva affixed to the boy’s torso and Ganesha was born!

Does this story sound strange? Why should Parvati have dirt on her body? Didn’t the all-knowing Shiva recognise His own son? Was Shiva, the epitome of …