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Neelam Navratna for Birth stars Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttarabhadra – Gemstone Blue Sapphire or Indraneelam

Wearing Navratna Neelam or Gemstone Blue Sapphire is believed to help in warding of the evils associated with Saturn or Shani. It is also believed that wearing it will change the luck of people of people born in Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttarabhadra Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are also known as Pooyam or Poosam, Anusham or Anizham, and Uttiratadi or Uttaraoadabhadra.Those people who believe in horoscope and astrology wear Navratnas based on their birth star or Nakshatram. It is believed to help in ushering in goodness and warding of evils.Blue Sapphire or Indraneelam is associated with Navgraha Shani.By wearing jewelry made of Neelam people can avoid misfortune. It also helps in fulfilling all desires. It is also believed to help restoring lost money and property.

Dwarka Krishna Temple Pictures – Online Virtual Tour of Dwarkadhish Jagat Mandir

Dwarkadhish Jagat Mandir is the world famous temple dedicated to Sri Krishna and is located at Dwarka in Gujarat. It is believed that Krishna had setup his kingdom here. Now the DwarkaKrishnaTemple authorities have created an online virtual tour of the temple – you can view various parts of the temple and its surrounding areas in 360 degree. There are more than 10 beautiful pictures of the DwarkadhishTemple. You can take the online virtual tour of the Dwarka Krishna Temple here at the official website.

Bhartrihari Teachings

O friend please listen carefully to what I say. So many clouds come in sky; some pour water, some roar and go away. People are also like that. All are not going to fulfill your desires. When desires cannot be fulfiled by all, why do you go on telling them to all? If at all I ask, I will ask God only. When He cannot fulfill them, even others cannot. If it is not in our karma, nobody can do anything, so why should not one ask God only? If He gives, fine, and, if not, I accept it! Wisdom indeed is the highest ornament that a man posses. It is a valuable to be carefully guarded for wisdom gains food, glory, and blessing. It is the Lord or lords. Wisdom is as a friend to a man traveling in a distant land. Wisdom is honored among kings even more than wealth. The man devoid of wisdom is but an animal. There is no need for any weapons for a man who is blessed with the virtue of patience. A man’s greatest enemy is the anger in his heart. Bhartrihari