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Teachings of Bhushunda from Yoga Vasistha

Death does not wish to kill one who does not have attraction and aversion or false notions and mental habits. Death does not wish to kill one who does not suffer from mental illness, who does not entertain desires and hopes which giver rise to anxieties and worry, who is not poisoned by greed, whose body and mind are not burnt by the fire of anger and hate, who is not churned and ground by the mill of lust, who is firmly established in the pure awareness of Brahman the absolute and whose mind is not distracted. He whose mind and heart are established in Supreme Peace is not touched by the blinding evils born of lust and hate. Bhushunda is the name of a crow in Yoga Vasishta – this is an immortal crow constantly meditating on the Supreme Brahman. Sage Vasishta asks the crow about the secret of its immortality. Source - The supreme Yoga: Yoga Vasistha by Swami Venkatesananda You may also like to read The Story of Lord Ram and Bhushandi, the crow