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Swami Brahmdev Quotes

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Brahmdev.

When a sculptor takes a stone, he removes all the unwanted parts and discovers the figure in that stone. Pain and pressure in life are processes that help remove all unwanted substances from our lives and realise our true Self.

What causes you pain often turns out to be the most beautiful blessing of your life. If any source gives you pain, feel gratitude for that. For suffering creates the opportunity for change. Sometimes we need pressure and pain to make us change for the better.

Aurobindo said that pain is a hammer in the hands of the Divine. Divinity is trying to make a true figure; He is removing all the unwanted substances very slowly, and all around you, for some it could also be their near and dear.

Thoughts on Relationship with Oneself – Swami Brahmdev

With consciousness we have created beautiful concepts. One of them is the idea of relationships. Whatever we create, whatever we discover, it is to make this life more comfortable, beautiful, peaceful and happy. The first relationship has to be with oneself. You must have a very clear relationship with yourself, knowing why you feel the way you do, why you think in a particular way. The first step is to be aware of your own self.
Why do we want a relationship? For happiness, for security? We have to establish a relationship with the Divine. And what is Divinity? The soul. You must have a relationship with your psyche; that relationship can give you everything you need, more than a hundred other relationships.
Swami Brahmdev is associated with the Auro Valley Ashram